My favourite actor..

.. in the classic taxicab scene from On The Waterfront. That’s right, the marvellous Rod Steiger. Oh sure, Brando is good and the contender speech is legendary now, but Steiger is better. It’s Leonard Bernstein’s score that secretly does all the work for Brando here. No-one ever remembers it’s even there, but listen to the way it builds throughout this now-rightly-famous screen moment. And, as William Goldman points out, that’s the only New York cab ever to have had Venetian blinds fitted in its back window..


3 thoughts on “My favourite actor..

  1. Gotta love Leonard, for West Side Story alone, but stylistically I was always more drawn to Elmer. Magnificent Seven is genius, even if it does owe a certain debt to Copland’s El Salon Mexico. Man With the Golden Arm, To Kill a Mockingbird.. and, of course, his finest hour – Police Squad!

  2. I know what you mean about Elmer.
    Ever see Steiger in a film called,”Cry Terror”? It also starred Inger Stevens.
    Shot in the late ’50’s, on location in N.Y.C. It’s a wild one…

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