It gets worse

Same programme – Red Hot Chilli Peppers are on now, who no longer have the excuse of youth. One of them just said..”I listen to everything. I love the Clash’s Sandinista, and I love the second Van Halen album. I don’t put one above the other coz it’s, like, more intellectual than the other..” Fuckin’ idiots, the lot of them – these people are 40 years old, goddammit..


7 thoughts on “It gets worse

  1. Ah, yes! The gentleman is dead!! Let the people know how you really feel, Mr. C!!

    On a serious note, couldn’t agree with you more-I proudly, and I mean VERY proudly boast that none of those weak as water bands have ever, ever, ever wrapped their fingers around a dollar of mine…Can I get an amen?!!? 😉

  2. Livin’, my man…just livin’…

    I like your new digs over here…Reveals a more colorful look into the enigma that is, iiiiiiAndy!

  3. You gotta give the peppers this though… at least they aren’t still flogging about the stage with socks on their cocks! Odd thing is, it might actually do something for their current act, which really does stink (along with their last several recordings). Ah for the days of them covering Stevie Wonder….

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