Hasta la vista, baby

Not that it’s any concern of mine, but Amazon in the US has Vista Home Premium Upgrade on sale for $153.99 which, at today’s exchange rate, would work out about £78.63 in the UK. Amazon in the UK has the exact same item listed at.. what do we think? How about.. £144.99. As someone on wordpress whose name I can’t remember points out, that works out at a rate of $1.06 to the pound – the last time that rate was actually in effect was March.. 1985..


14 thoughts on “Hasta la vista, baby

  1. Actually, the reason it’s more expensive in the UK (and in Europe in general) is because of the massive lawsuit the EU won against MS regarding Microsoft Media Player/Internet Explorer integration in the OS.

    Gotta make up lost profits somehow 🙂

    Anyways, unless you have a very compelling reason to use it, you should follow the advice I’ve always held true for nearly 20 years now…

    Never trust a MS OS until at least Service Pack 1.


  2. The thing I find ironic about all the MS bashers out there is this… I’ve been in the IT business for over 25 years now — my first computer was an Apple ][+ with 48k (yes, k) of memory. Back in the day, you had all kinds of computers… the IBM PCs, the Apples, the Ataris (no relation to the band), the Commodores (no relation to that band either), the Sinclairs, ad nauseum. None worked anywhere nearly the same as the others. So, being skilled in one meant you probably knew nothing about the others. From a business standpoint, it was a nightmare. Having a single standard makes training costs, software costs, etc. drop dramatically. AFAIK, thank god we were able to standardize around something. Just because MS won doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best, they just knew how to play the game better than the rest.

  3. I hear ya Brad – just a pity that you standardized around shit. What the hell do I know? Never worked in an office. Had a series of Ataris, which were wonderful, although I llterally never used anything other than Notator/Creator – same as every other musician I ever met. Then a series of Macs, and Logic. You know that phrase ‘it just works’? Pretty true in my case..

  4. …that you standardized around shit…

    Making this personal, eh? I didn’t standardize around anything… I let the market decide. Apple had the better idea (actually stole the better idea) first, they just priced themselves out of the market. If they weren’t so greedy, they might be #1 today.

    OK… perhaps greedy is too strong a word. How about pricey?

    Anyways, I had both an Atari 400 (crappy membrane keyboard, but would survive a 10 meter fall) and an 800. Had some cool games, but I never could do much more with them.

    As a side note, I was never a musician myself, but I was able to create a cool polyphonic synth out of a Novation AppleCat ][ modem (300/1200 baud) by reprogramming the touch tone generators it used for dialing. 🙂 Made the Bach Inventions much more interesting to listen to on the Apple ][ 🙂

  5. “…that you standardized around shit…”

    No, I certainly didn’t intend it personally.- just that you said “..thank god we were able to standardize around something..” Could’ve expressed myself more clearly, I guess..

  6. At the time, I was rather upset that the Apple ][ didn’t become the standard! Hell, I was pissed at Apple for dropping it over the Mac…

    But then again, we all lament the loss of things we love…. don’t we?

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