When it comes to SOS, people often cite old TV show themes as sources of inspiration. They’re right of course – we grew up on The Avengers, The Persuaders et al. But in musical terms the one that really had it all was this one..

Composed by Billy Goldenberg (who of course fails to get a mention in the credits), this was always the sound I wanted to make..


5 thoughts on “Banacek

  1. I understood your influences the first time I heard the band. I hold by what I said on MS. Additionally, as composer/orchestrator, you’re there with Burt & Ennio…Your playing reflects the influences.
    It’s critique, not praise.

  2. Created by Anthony Wilson? Really? H from Steps?

    When I was a girl, I wanted to marry George Peppard.

    Him or Petrocelli.

    Or Bobby Crush.

    Robert Key.

    The list was endless.

    It’s what comes of being a flibbertigibbet.

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