Man and Rocketman..

..Bill Shatner uses the 1972 Elton John/Bernie Taupin classic as a vehicle to explore Jungian duality in an increasingly technological age, and, in the closing verse and chorus, asks some searching questions about the relevance of the Freudian trinity of id, super-ego, and ego in a time when we find ourselves more alone and isolated from our fellow man than ever before..


One thought on “Man and Rocketman..

  1. Hi Andy,
    I haven’t scanned the fine print or read the directions, but this place seems very relaxed. I haven’t set anything up yet either.
    I meant to tell you a few weeks ago that I got a note from Shatner’s daughter regarding this performance.
    He’s still haunted by this thing and wishes it would go away.
    The price of “greatness” I’d say.

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