Bard Santa..

..I think I may have found the perfect spot for this year’s Xmas shopping..

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Shakespeare’s Den!

..must admit I thought at first it was a joke, but no – it’s all here; action figures clothing, mugs, finger puppets. But it’s not all Bard-related – oh no,, there’s much more. My favourites are the great philosophers finger puppet sets..
Anyway, I’ve decided I’ll be featuring selected items here in the runup to christmas, and what better way to start than with SD’s tribute to Ludwig van Beethoven, who would have been 236 years old today. This is the gift item your kids will be clamouring for come christmas morning..

The Ludwig van Beethoven Action Figure!

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Item 11256
Our price: $8.49
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Availability: Usually ships the next business day.

“Beethoven was truly an eccentric musical genius — composing a brilliant piano sonata one minute, throwing eggs at his maid the next. This 5-1/2″-tall, hard plastic Ludwig van Beethoven Action Figure has moveable arms and legs, allowing him to sit on the 1-1/2″ plastic piano bench (included). And, since he couldn’t have composed all those masterpieces without a piano, we designed an amazing fold-up paper piano that you can print out from the internet for free! Each figure comes on our illustrated blistercard with Beethoven info on the back…”


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