iTunes challenge update..

..OK, the results are in. First of all, let’s dispense with the items that I already own (but strangely would happily buy again) – Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck – and also the items that I will not under any circumstances ever own – Sex Pistols and, um, the new Jessica Simpson single.

Moving on, Weekend Players and Seek – both pleasant enough pieces to be sure, but on the basis of the 30 second iTunes preview which is my only point of reference neither did quite enough to part me from my 16 shillings..

I ended up purchasing three items, one of my own choosing which I found along the way – ‘Invitation’ by the Kenny Clarke and Francy Boland Sextet – and two others. Bryan’s choice, ‘Circle’ by Swan Dive, I found very enjoyable, but, to my great chagrin, my ultimate winner was ‘The Ocean’ by Richard Hawley, as recommended by Lady Miss Invisible. Despite what I can’t help but perceive as a certain insincerity, a certain actorly quality in his vocal performance, I can’t deny that it’s a very accomplished and affecting piece of work. That’ll teach me..

Thanks to everybody who participated.


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