Sociopath test

While attending her mother’s funeral, a woman meets a stranger whom she has never seen before. She is intensely attracted to him. It is love at first sight, and she decides this is the man of her dreams. But the funeral ends and he leaves before she can find out his name or who he is. No one seems to know.

Two weeks later, the woman murders her father.

Why did she murder her father? No necessary information is being withheld.

…if you’re what we might consider ‘normal’, there’s every chance you might find the correct answer a littlr disappointing. If, on the other hand, you answer correctly, then there’s every chance that I’ll avoid you like the plague, as this would supposedly mean that you demonstrate sociopathic tendencies…

(…if you know the answer, or cheat and look it up, please don’t spoil it for everybody else…)


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